ADL’s A World of Difference

Advisors Amy Camire & Melissa Albert
Meeting Times/Days:

Blue Print

The Blueprint is Swampscott High School’s online school newspaper. Interested students will be writing articles to be published in the Blueprint.
Meetings times have not yet been established.  If you are interested, please see Ms. Shanahan.

Cable Club

The Cable Club consists of all students in TV Production classes and is also open to interested Media Literacy students as well as Swampscott High School students who can’t fit either of those classes into their schedule but would like more experience with TV Production, Digital Filmmaking and/or Media Literacy.

There are opportunities for mentorship positions such as Media Arts Lab students and Media Literacy Teaching Assistants.  Activities include community service projects, meetings after school, filmmaking projects that extend beyond the normal class day, opportunities for helping film town and school events (sometimes for stipends), alumni visits and activities, writing and creating PSAs (public service announcements), analysis and creation of social media that reflects student ideas and production work, and staging or attending film festivals.  There are also many activities surrounding our biggest fund-raiser, the annual auction currently held every spring, for which students can help with publicity, community and business outreach and production planning before the auction and perform technical jobs, serve as co-hosts or operate the phone bank during the auction itself.

Students who are not in Mr. Douillette or Mr. Reid’s classes but who would like to become involved should contact Mr. Reid in person or email

Chess Club

Meeting Times/Days:
After school on Tuesdays in Room C126.
Chess Club is a chance for experienced and novice chess players to play friendly matchers with one another to sharpen their skills.  Throughout the year we may take part in friendly matches with schools from around the area.  Chess has been proven to have many benefits for the brain including: problem solving, critical thinking and the ability to plan and adapt.

Creative Writing

2 Thursdays per month
The focus of the Creative Writing Club is on fostering and encouraging student written creativity via poetry, short fiction, and spoken word performance.  Meetings are once a month in C207.


Meeting Times/Days:
During business class
DECA is a national organization for all high school students enrolled in a marketing program. The group is the only student organization which prepares its members to be America’s future leaders in the fields of marketing, management and entrepreneurship.
DECA operates through local marketing education programs and gives students the opportunity to compete with other DECA members from across the country in categories such as advertising, marketing, retail merchandising, food marketing, restaurant management, entrepreneurship, and finance and credit. These competitions take place at district, state, and national conferences during the course of the school year.

Drama Club

Meeting Times/Days:
Meetings and rehearsals are scheduled around our three major productions: (see description field). Specific dates and times are posted outside the auditorium and shared over school announcements.
Swampscott High School Drama Club mounts three major projects each year:  the fall play (or group of one-acts), our entry into the Massachusetts Educational Theater Festival (drama fest), and the spring musical.  Rehearsals for these productions are held after school in the auditorium.  In addition to acting, there are many opportunities for crew members who are interested in lighting, sound, stage management, costumes, scenery, make-up, hair, publicity, etc.
New members are always welcome!

French Club

Meeting Times/Days:
Every other Wednesday after school (2:35pm to 2:50pm)
The French Club holds movie nights and other Francophone fundraisers. Examples include Marie-Antoinette Cupcake Day, our annual Buche de Noel Christmas Cake Contest, and quarterly French Movie Nights.
The French Club donates a large portion of proceeds to Francophone-related fundraisers/charities (i.e., NGO’s in developing world – Africa).

Gay/ Straight Alliance Club

Meeting Times/Days:
Thursdays after school in Room C219.
The SHS GSA provides a safe, inclusive environment for students to learn about, explore, and discuss issues concerning sexual orientation, gender identity, bullying, harassment, and civil rights. Students often discuss a range of related current events ranging from the national level to happenings in the high school and the Swampscott community. Students typical organize several “pride” events and one or two fundraising events to either benefit the GSA or a selected charity, giving the club a sense of cohesiveness and a sense of presence in the community.

Innovators Club

Meeting Times/Days:
Wed., 2nd lunch, 1st and 3rd Thurs., 2:30
This club is all about meeting new friends and having fun. No pressure! Join our weekly Lunch Bunch every Wednesday – 2nd lunch.
Support other clubs and high school activities by attending after-school events such as musicals, sporting events, and fund raisers.
Have fun working on a variety of creative activities such as drama, movie making, poetry slam, and inventing.
Monthly events that support other clubs and teams.
Check out our facebook page:
Innovators Social Club of the Northshore
Meet other school districts and expand your circle of friends!

Interact Club

 The Interact Club is a community service club.  The Interact Club is the youth branch of the Swampscott Rotary International.  Student members can initiate or participate with existing community service projects.  All efforts are to help out, work on or solve community issues, and/or support non-profit agencies who work on community issues.  For the past year and half, we are supporting BARKA, a non-profit group that works to solve the clean water issues in Africa, specifically the country of Burkina Faso.  The annual “Band Show/Coffee House” is a major fundraiser for BARKA.  This year there will be a “Creative WaterWorks” art silent raffle and exhibit in the local GAGA Gallery on Humphrey Street.  Other projects for this year are Penny Wars for BARKA, connection with French Club bake sales, Syrian Good Will posters, volunteering at My Brothers Table, and the annual Stretch Award Food Collection at Thanksgiving.

International Relations Club

Meeting Times/Days:
Meetings: Wednesdays after school in Room 126.
The International Relations Club centers around participation in a model United Nations conference which the club members attend once a year.  The trip is generally out of state (the Ivy League Model UN hosted by Penn State in Philadelphia is the most popular venue).  To prepare, students meet and discuss current events, international relations, and expectations and strategies for attending the model UN conference.  On the 4 day trip students are assigned countries they will represent and committees they will participate in.  Attendance is taken at all activities by the event organizers. Attendance and participation are required of all club members on the trip.  The club will continue to meet after they attend Model UN.
The International Relations Club meets Wednesdays after school in room C126.

Investors Club

Meeting Times/Days:
 Participate in stock game; learn about investing in the stock market; discuss trends and research companies.

Math Club

Meeting Times/Days:
Thurs.,7:30-8:00 and/or 2:35-3:30
The Massachusetts Mathematics League (Division 2) competitions are the first Thursday of every month and they take place at five neighboring high schools. National math (e.g. AMC, AMC) competitions are conducted in-school.

Team members practice solving math problems from different categories of math on their own, as a group and as a team.  The team also competes against schools of similar size.
Any interested student can participate in Math Team. There are no ability-level requirements.  A student can join at any time.
The Math Team hosts the February 2 meet at SHS.  Six teams will be attending.  There will be pizza, soda and water before the meeting begins.
Except of meet days, we practice on Thursdays after school from 2:30-3:30 (or so, it varies) in Room C309.

Mock Trial

Meeting Times/Days:
Sundays – times TBD
Mock Trial is a competitive team that prepares both the defense/plaintiff and the prosecution of a court case.  Mock Trial competes against other schools. Our students play the roles of lawyers, defendants/plaintiffs and witnesses, and argue an actual court case.
Meetings usually take place on Sundays during the Trial season (October-March). Mock Trial is a two hour a week commitment.

National Honor Society

National Honor Society provides tutoring to individuals and groups of students.  If you would like to request a tutor, please fill out the tutoring request form. We can not guarantee that we will be able to match you with a tutor but we will try our best.

Please see Ms. Comparato in room B210 or B215 during the day, before or after school to request tutoring.  Again, the STUDENT must make the request in person.
This years induction ceremony is on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 7pm in the auditorium.  All students currently involved in NHS and those being inducted must be at the high school no later than 6 p.m. for pictures and preparations.  We will have a full rehearsal on Tuesday, March 14th right after school.  All members are required to attend both of these events.  No absences will be excused.

Peer Leadership Programs (formerly Peer Leaders/Peer Mentons/ADL)

Meeting Times/Days:
Fridays at 7:30am in C120
Faculty Co-Advisors: Ms. Skelton and Mr. Harris
The Peer Leaders, ADL and Peer Mentors clubs will be combined this year into the Peer Leadership Programs. Each club will have its one identity, but students may participate in more than one initiative.
Grade 9-10 Peer Leaders:
All freshmen and sophomores are invited to participate.
We will provide leadership training and work on a variety of activities to promote the greater health and wellness of all the Swampscott schools.  These Peer Leaders will be prepared to become Peer Mentors and ADL Peer Trainers when they are upperclassmen. Officers will be selected to lead these initiatives. We will meet every Friday morning in Mr. Harris’ health classroom at 7:30 AM.
Grade 11-12 ADL-Peer Trainer:
A World of Difference: All juniors and seniors are invited to apply (although preference will be given to students who have been Peer leaders and Peer mentors in the past). New member must attend an all-day training on Sunday, September 25 and Monday, September 26th. We have 30 new openings this year. We will facilitate ADL workshops for our freshmen and also for 8th graders (we may also explore doing some elementary workshops). We will also attend the annual ADL Youth Congress in Boston (selected students will also get additional training to facilitate workshops at the ADL Youth Congress). Officers will be selected to lead these initiatives. We will meet every Friday morning in Mr. Harris’ health classroom at 7:30 AM.
Grade 11-12 Peer Mentors:
Peer Mentors will continue to mentor our new freshmen. We will plan periodic activities to continue to develop these mentor-mentee relationships and to insure a successful transition to 9th grade. Juniors will be assigned a mentee next spring. Officers will be selected to lead these initiatives. We will meet every Friday morning in Mr. Harris’ health classroom at 7:30 AM.

Physics Club

Meeting Times/Days:
Wednesday; after school
Discuss current topics in physics; careers in physics; students are currently building a bridge.

Robotics Club

Chris Crocker
Meeting Days/Times:
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:30-3:45pm from September through April
VEX Robotics offers students an exciting platform for learning about robotics within the areas rich with career opportunities in science, engineering and math (STEM).  Students will be participating in VEX Robotics Competition using robot they design and implement using the Engineering Design Process (EDP) to solve an engineering challenge presented each year by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation.

Science Team

Meeting Times/Days:
Tuesdays after school. Competitions are the first Tuesday of each month
Meetings are every Tuesday to prepare for upcoming competitions. Competitions take place around the North Shore region on the second Tuesday of every month.
We compete in the North Shore Science League in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics and earth science.  This club is for anyone who likes to be social!  You don’t have to be the best at science to join!

Yearbook Club

Meeting Times/Days:
As needed
Produce the senior class yearbook.

Senior Project

Meeting Times/Days:
Weekly during 3rd and 4th quarter
Senior Project gives participating seniors an opportunity to explore a career interest/vocation or potential field of college study during the 4th quarter of their senior year.  Students are excused (with the exception of AP courses) from their regular classes during the 4th Quarter, yet still receive full credit for their classes.  Please see Mr. Harris for more details

Student Council

Executive Board 2016-2017

President: Tenley Seidel
Vice President: Oliver Daniels-Koch
Jr. Vice President: Michael Legere
Secretary: Thomas O'Keefe
Treasurer: Gabby LaRiviere
Advisor:  Ms. Jamie (Bryanos) McLeod
Officer/Rep election forms: to come 
Community Service Opportunities