Swampscott HS PTF Raffle with over $10,000 in prizes!

Boys Basketball MIAA Tournament Game Online Tickets ONLY for Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Swampscott Boys Varsity Basketball Tournament (online tickets only)
Tuesday, March 8, 2022
@6pm @Swampscott High
vs Old Rochester
Tickets available online via MIAA only!
The MIAA does not allow tickets to be purchased with cash at the door they can only be purchased online here at gofan:

SHS Course Selection for 2022 Classes



March 9, 2022 School Committee approves Program of Studies
March 10-March 25 Teachers enter core course recommendations into Aspen for students. Teachers communicate level placement choices to students in person, in class. ( 2 full weeks for teachers)
March 10-May  Portal open for students to select elective courses in grades 9-11. Students will enter courses online through Aspen. 
March 14 Course Selection/Program of Studies Presentation: SHS Auditorium 
March 16 Elective Presentation  (recorded) with content leaders and elective teachers. 
MARCH 29th 

Grade 8

6:30-7:00 PM

Grade 9-11

7:00-7:30 PM

(Option 1) ZOOM DROP IN for students and caregivers to ask questions about the SHS Course Selection Process.

Informational meeting about course selection process, the placement review process, program changes, and course offerings at SHS

Hosted by SHS Administrator and SHS Guidance Director

MARCH 30th

Grade 8

6:30pm- 7:00pm


(Option 2 ) CLASS 2025 ZOOM DROP IN for students and caregivers to ask questions about the  Innovation Pathways program  

Hosted by SHS Administrator, SMS Administrator, SHS Guidance Director

Helpful links for families

LINK: Course Selection Video



LINK: Program of Studies 

LINK: Course Placement review form (for end of April)

Boys Basketball Tournament Game Tonight at SHS at 6PM

Tonight join the Big Blue as we face off against Pittsfield in the Division 3 tournament basketball game.

The game is at SHS in the gym and will begin at 6PM.

The cost to attend:

$7 for adults and $5 for student at the door but tickets can be bought online at  www.gofan.co

Everyone MUST wear a mask.
Fan/Spectator Support Items – Horns, posters, noisemakers, confetti, pompoms, balloons, spirit towel, thunder sticks and banners are not allowed. 

January 2022 -Elementary Updates

Happy 2022! It’s going to be a great year, building will begin on the new elementary building, we are getting closer to a state-of-the-art space for our students and our community!

January 2022 – What’s Happening On The Site 

Early- Mid January

What’s Happening? Geothermal Test Bore 

What is this for?  This is a full depth well that will provide information on the earth conductivity values at the site.  The Mechanical Engineer will use that data to confirm the well field size (well depths, number and spacing of wells.)  The test well will be a part of the permanent well field system.

What to expect? This will happen for 3 days during the first half of January. There will be a drilling-rig truck and the DPW will be assisting with soil and water handling. 

Next School Building Committee

January 25th, 2022- 6:30 PM Via Zoom. Please check district calendar for link. 

What’s Happening in December on Site for the New Lower & Upper Elementary Schools?

Swampscott School Building Project 

New Upper & Lower Elementary Schools 

 December 2021 

What’s Happening On The Site 

Exciting events are happening as we begin to build our new school! We will be sending out  regular notices to make sure you are kept informed about activity on the Stanley School site.  

During the month of December, engineers will be conducting survey, soil and geotechnical tests  around the school property and materials inspection/surveying inside the building. 

Early December  

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Digging test pits  

WHAT IS THIS FOR: Soil samples will help the team understand the quality and permeability of the  soil, inform stormwater system and the foundation design 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Pinflags and paint marking possible test locations; at multiple locations a 2-8’  hole will be dug, soil will be collected and then the ground will be restored; small machinery will  be used; work will occur over 5 days 

Mid December 

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Ground penetrating radar and geotech drilling 

WHAT IS THIS FOR: To map ledge and soil characteristics to inform ledge removal and structural  foundation design 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Noiseless radar survey and geotech drilling to be coordinated with the school  schedule, to minimize disruption 

Mid-late December 

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Geothermal well test bore 

WHAT IS THIS FOR: To provide soil thermal transfer characteristics data used to design the size  and layout of the geothermal well field that will be used to heat/cool the school WHAT TO EXPECT: Work to occur at NW corner of site; 4-5 days of drilling; 1-2 days of restoration;  the area will be temporarily fenced off 

Winter Vacation: 

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Pre-demolition materials survey 

WHAT IS THIS FOR: To determine how/what removal of building will entail 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Noiseless work inside the school 

For more information visit: 



Swampscott vs. Marblehead Senior Girls Flag Football- How to Buy Tickets

  • Saturday 9AM at Marblehead High School Field.
  • You can buy tickets at the gate in Marblehead. CASH ONLY
  • $10 for everyone regardless of if you are a student, adult, or child. 

State Semi-Finals for Big Blue Football Team- How to buy tickets

Big Blue Football –
Tomorrow night at 8PM at Manning Field in Lynn watch the Big Blue Varsity Football Team play in the State Semi-Finals versus Bishop Fenwick. 
Tickets can be purchased at gofan.co

Scapino – Fall Drama Club Play – Oct 21-22 at SHS

SHS Drama Club is proud to present, Scapino, a raucous one-act farce, Thursday and Friday October 21st and 22nd at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

Join servant Scapino as he tricks and deceives grumpy fathers into allowing two sets of lovers to marry.  This fast paced comedy is about an hour and features eleven of your favorite student actors.

Tickets are $10 for students and seniors 65 and over, $15 for adults.  Don’t miss our riotous return to live theater!