Garrett Baker

SPS Facility Director

SBC Member who is MCPPO Certified

Thomas Younger

Town Administrator

Local Chief Executive OfficerAdministrator or Manager

Carin Marshall

School Committee

School Committee Member (minimum of one)

Pamela Angelakis


Superintendent of Schools

Wayne White

SPS Business Administrator

Local Official responsible for Building Maintenance

Matt Strauss

Board of Selectmen

Representative of Office authorized by law to construct school buildings

Jennifer Clarke

Principal – Clarke

School Principal

Nancy Hanlon

Teacher Swampscott Schools

Member knowledgeable in educational mission and function of facility

Gregory D’Antona

Finance Committee

Local budget official or member of local Finance Committee

Niles Tooher

Electrical and energy engineer – assists in optimizing designs

Member of community with architecture, engineering and/or construction experience

Joseph Crimmins

Attorney, former chair of the town master planning committee

Other: Please provide brief background info/expertise

Glenn Paster

Communications and Marketing Professional

Other: Please provide brief background info/expertise