Parent Teacher Conferences for Swampscott High School will be held on November 14 

The first is from 1:00 -4:00 PM.

The second is from 6:008:00 PM.

Conferences are 10 minutes in length. These are a great time to meet with a teacher if you have concerns or wish to discuss challenges your student is experiencing. However, these spots are limited. If your child is doing well and there are no concerns, please email a teacher if you have a question so that they may reserve that time slot for another family.

Last Name First Name Please write your link or email below Room  Email Address
Albert Melissa C107
Bander Julie C226
Baralt Alejandra C105
Beckett Geoff C324
Bennett Joseph C102
Blum Roseann C202
Bush Peter A135
Camire Amy C312
Casey Brian C301
Chan William C127
Churella Timothy C315
Clements Karen C313
Comparato Susan B210
Crocker Christopher C332
DeOrio Stephanie C222
Donahue Jennifer C311
Douillette Joe D101 – TV Studio
Einis Josh C305
Flanagan Holly C218
Flanagan Jon C228
Franklin Peter C207
Gahm-Diaz Jessica C106
Georgieva Boriana C 302
Gorham Patricia C123
Green Lisa c205/c207
Grocki Erin D106
Harris Kenneth “Buck” C120
Hooley Patricia B209
James Pearse D102 – Chorus
King Russell C309
Kirkland Brian C224
Klemonski Jenna C206
Kravitz Bernard C307
Lavender Cindy A135, Dance studio
Lesnever Amy c217
Litle Liliana C209
Mahan Ryan A135
Mastone Michael C203
McLeod Jamie C319
McTague Patricia C328
Menezes Brian C322D
Monteiro Ana C322E
Murphy HollyBeth   C204
Papile Lucia C201
Parachojuk Tim B213
Perez Angela C 103
Reid Tom D101C
Rogers Niña C317
Rostoff Lisa C118
Rovi Edi D112
Russo Courtney B208
Thomas Shanahan Kaitlyn 211
SolGomez Sylvia B128
Vazquez Santiago C 101
Walsh Stephen C126/C203
Wilbur Brandy C128
Yanofsky Michelle C308